Structured Acceptance Criteria

This Jira Cloud plugin fills a clear gap for Jira projects that want a fine-grained traceability between user stories, acceptance criteria and the test coverage of these.

The plugin enables projects to efficiently use stand-alone issue-types for each acceptance criteria within a user story. Historically each criteria has been tugged away within the description field - this makes it very hard to get a clear view of how each specific acceptance criteria is tested. The figure belows shows how a new configuration with stand-alone criteria is structured:

A number of advantages are present when the acceptance criteria are separated into its own layer, these include:

  • Manual and Automated tests can point directly to the specific criteria they are testing

  • This enables end-to-end fine-grained traceability between functional requirements and the underlying tests

  • Full test-coverage of all criteria can easily be verified within jira

  • Custom fields for each criteria, such as criteria-type, automation-degree and implementation status

  • Full versioning of acceptance criteria

The Acceptance Criteria are handled within an easy-to-use editable table, which makes it quick and efficient to edit the underlying issues of a user story. This handles the main culprit that makes it tedious and inefficient to handle criteria as a separate issue-type within Jira. An example of the visual representation is shown below

This table, that acts as an extension to the description of the user story, gives the overview everyone needs, while making it extremely easy to work the criteria themselves.

Some examples of features that make the plugin so easy and efficient to work with are show below

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